Cancer and Me: Steve Jones

Here is my factual or gramme for Unit 27. The video features my dad sharing his story about his cancer, this video was something that was already planned that would hopefully raise awareness I posted it on social media and have so far had 1.5k views not many but more than I hoped for even if the video touched or made one person donate it would make me and my dad very happy!

CLOTHES SHOW LIVE 2014: Catwalk Highlights

The Clothes Show Live 2014 was great and the catwalk was really fun to watch. This video is one of which I watch and wish I did things differently however the video didn’t turn out too bad and It helped me further my editing!


On Saturday 29th November some students across all pathways at BOA went to the LG Arena to do a variety of things such as dancing, singing, production and filming! Broadcast students had the role to film the lead up to the event so this involved capturing the atmosphere outside the venue, interviewing waiting fans and getting shots of BOA performers!
Heres the link to the video: 


HOPES AND DREAMI have recently began creating my ‘hopes and dreams’ project and its coming along nicely. Its mostly consists of random clips i’ve filmed over a number of years because they all represent me. I want this to be something i’m really proud of!
I’m planning on finishing with in a week so I can get started on a few projects ‘Dancer’, my factual programme for unit 27 and a spoken word short film me and meg have paired up to produce!

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Review


So where do I start with this little gem? My first encounter with this Polaroid camera was when I
bought one for my friend on the occasion of her 16th birthday, safe to say I fell in love with it and secretly wished
it was mine! So after debating whether if it really was worth it, I kept going back to the thought of having my phone and camera
to take pictures so why would I need this? but nothing can beat the sentimental value of a Polaroid. I finally took the plunge and ordered one from and purchased a bundle. This included a pastel blue camera and and 5 packs of film which included 10 in each pack! I got this bundle
for £78.99. In the photos above show some of my favorite Polaroids I have taken and also where I place it in my room. It’s really girly and cute in my opinion
however there are other colour options. So when I received my bundle in the post I was so excited ! I already knew the basics
from the one I bought my friend. I took the camera on holiday with me, although taking pictures on my iphone and camera the pictures i took
on the Fuji Film Instax Mini were just so much more special. I would plan in my head think about when I took a picture.
I knew that if I take a picture I want it to be a memory that in years to come I  can look back and think ‘Oh that was an amazing day’

One of the pictures was on the plane on the way to Tunisia with my friend! This was our first ever holiday together and therefore thought
it would be an excellent Polaroid pic! The 2nd was a boat trip during the same holiday. I loved that day and the picture is really special to me.

The camera itself has 5 setting HI-KEY,VERY BRIGHT, BRIGHT,CLOUDY & INDOORS. Depending on your location you switch the setting so
that the photo will come out PERFECT! The photos have a vintage type of filter and give a really vintage, old fashioned feel. If anybody
is indecisive about buying one of these nifty cameras I say do it! The pictures are amazing and really are worth it. The pictures can also be
hung up or framed for decoration which is what i’m in the process of doing at the moment!
So all in all, the FujiFilm Instax 8 Mini is definitely  worth the money and I am so glad I invested in one.
i love it!


Why is research important?

Research is extremely important and pretty much mandatory for everything. It gives us the chance to expand our knowledge on anything and everything and can help develop ideas and or understanding on a subject. Research also created new knowledge to us personally and understanding. Without research there are no facts or figures. Research can also be risky so by using the right methods of research you will gather the correct information!

What is the difference between qualitative and quantitative research?

Quantitative research is based of figures and database, ways to do quantitative research is to use questionnaires, surveys, data base and census all to create information that can be used, this method of research also uses ‘closed questions’ the surveys or questionnaires will be one word answers in order to get the figures e.g. Do you watch TV on a monday at 7pm Yes or No? however Qualitative research uses open questions and asks for opinions and explanations. Ways to do this type of research is by using focus groups, case studies, observation and one to one interviews.

Type of research

Primary research is where the information/opinions are conducted by yourself, it is also knowledge and is a form of quantitative research too, for this type of research there is no sort of interviews or researching from other sources it is all generated by yourself. Unlike Secondary research where you use interviews, online websites, magazines and book ect. Secondary research is also useful if you are researching about a person so that you can find out facts about the person other than your opinion which is not fact.